lady ivory (love_is_a) wrote in healthy_fansons,
lady ivory

eat your vegetables!!

okay guys, i have this strong feeling that if i ate enough fruits and vegetables a day, the rest of my healthyeating will follow. since the food pyramid reccamends 3-4 fuirts and 4-5 vegetables a day, i think i'm going to start with six combined and work up to nine. i have no problem with eating fruits (when i feel like it) but my problem is vegetables. these are the vegetables that i like: lettuce / salad greens, tomatoes, cucumbers, broccoli and green peppers with onion dip, corn on the cob and potatoes. i'm looking for more suggestions on what i can do to incorporate more vegetables into my diet. i love salads but i can't eat those at every meal! and i'm not quite sure what else to do. i'm always up to trying vegetables but i usually don't like them, i don't like any cooked onces except potatoes and corn and i don't know what else to do! does anyone have any suggestions??? thanks!
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